“I worked w/ a lot of detail oriented people, but @yemibabington stands apart. Plus, he is a kind leader #Rockstar”

Muna AbuSulaymanSaudi Arabia

“I would like to add a note on the metaphor of the redwoods in gratitude for all that Yemi represent to us. As you know, redwoods grow incredibly tall because their roots are intertwined and they give each other nutrients. When a storm comes, they literally hold each other up. Yemi, you have helped our Community to grow that way and become what it is today. I thank you for having intertwined our roots and for helping and guiding us to further collaborate in all possible ways.”

Carolina ParisiLuxembourg

“Words cannot express the love and gratitude we have for Yemi Babington-Ashaye, Head, Global Shapers Community, World Economic Forum. This community would not exist or mean so much to so many people around the world if it wasn't for the hard work and dedication of Yemi.”

Abdelrahman GaafarEgypt

“Yemi's enthusiam and ambition to achieve high objectives are infectious. One feels energized and -- as a result -- reaches greater results! Also, Yemi's talents as team leader are impressive. He just gets it! Anybody working with him feels included, listened to and trusted while knowing that he'll keep one accountable for flawless delivery. I hope that my professional path will cross Yemi's again soon as I would truly enjoy working with him again”

Fabienne Chanavat Switzerland

“Thank you very much @yemibabington for all that you've done. Your work has been incredible! - Global Shapers Quito”

Global Shapers Quito
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