Thank you for exploring ways that we can collaborate. We never work alone and so we always have capacity. Our collaborations are based on three pillars.

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When you are asked to lead, your job is to bring others with you.

Distributed leadership

Managing distributed leadership is one of the most challenging leader-ship competencies of our time. If you would like to influence your ac-tivities in a manner that encourges distributed leadership, then this ser-vice will help you to provide leader-ship that will see your network and your communities thrive.

Leading from the front

You are a seasoned leader looking to refine your approach in the face of new trends and developments in your industry or area of activity. Or you are a leader that is still develop-ing and still discovering your style. The leading from the front service provides a confidential sounding board that encourages you to ex-plore your limits and be as strong as you dare to be.

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Helping others to lead

You would like to help one or more subordinates or collaborators to become stronger leaders. We can help.

Managerial Analysis

All management involves decision-making with incomplete information. Making sense of important infor-mation to aid executive decision making is the core of this service.

Executive Decisions

In attempting to solve problems, we often create new problems. Explore executive options in complete confidence. And find lasting solutions that reinforce your strategy and your reputation.

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Optimising organisation structure

Structuring teams, departments and organisations. The right structure creates freedom and capacity for everything else.

Making the Matrix Work

Making the matrix structure work is a team sport that depends heavily on leadership at the top. Getting all hands on deck and creating sup-portive practices will ensure that you make the matrix structure work for your team or organisation.


Nothing is sustainable without good strategy.

Flagship inititiaves

Design and launch a bold new idea or evaluate and strengthen an exist-ing one. Flagship initiatives require a special combination of expertise, courage and attention.

Healthy operations

Increase revenues, reduce costs. Anyone can strike a line in your budget. Knowing which costs to cut and where to invest precious re-sources turns an activity into an efficient operation that achieves key objectives for all stakeholders.

New markets, new clients

Bringing your successful product or service to a new market or to new clients.

Launch a new product or service

Getting a new product or service up and running.

Special assignments

Special assignments cover every-thing from securing support from a key constituency to hosting an event to building new infrastructure in a desired location. To be suc-cessful, these assignments require a strategic approach. Understanding the role of all actors, including those within your control and those that you have no influence over.

Selected thematic areas of expertise and additional activities of note include:


Empowering youth in society and at work. Preparing your organisation for the workplace of the future and understanding how to get the most from young people that are involved in your activities as employees, customers and stakeholders.

Building and Managing Movements

You have a movement or you want to create one. Our expertise can help you to achieve your objectives, however ambitious they may be.

High Performing Teams

Helping teams to achieve all that they are capable of and more. The secrets to unlock the high performance of your team is within reach.

Investment and Philanthropic Matchmaking

Across our network of collaborators we are always aware of opportunities that may be a perfect fit for your own investment or philanthropic priorities, locally or globally. We can help.

National Competitiveness

Make your country, region, city, or community a competitive place for targeted stakeholders to operate.

Economic Growth

Bring lasting prosperity to your economy through targeted interventions. Specialisations include industrial economics and equitable growth.

Speaking Engagements

Sharing insights, participating in conversations or facilitating challenging interactions.

Listening Engagements

You have prepared everything and/or you have even made key decisions. Before you conclude the affair you would like an independent and confidential second opinion. If the decision requires additional technical expertise then we engage our expert collaborators. We can help.